Tea Party Express Celebrates Resounding WI Senate Victories!

The Tea Party Express is celebrating state senate victories in Wisconsin today, with election wins for State Senators Harsdorf, Cowles, Darling, and Olsen after conducting a statewide tour rallying support for Republican state senators last weekend.

Despite an outrageous onslaught of fear mongering, distortion and intimidation tactics from the far left and national union groups, the majority of Wisconsin voters were not fooled and voted to support senators who did their job and stood by Governor Walker’s budget reform. Although two Republican state senators were not able to fend off the baseless attacks against them, the people of Wisconsin have defeated the enemies of prosperity and kept the state on a successful path.

Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “The facts clearly demonstrate that Governor Walker’s plan is working. The state has added some 40,000 private sector jobs this year and closed a three billion budget gap. The importance of those achievements cannot be overstated – Wisconsin has set an example that the Nation as a whole should follow.

“The union lobby groups have been defaming principled Republicans because they fear the balance of power shifting back to the people of Wisconsin where it belongs. The fact is, these liberal special interest groups are protesting a plan that has already brought greater prosperity to the people. By pouring money into Wisconsin and catching the Republicans off-guard from such an assault, three decent Senators appear to have been defeated.”

But this fight is not yet over. Next week the people of Wisconsin will vote in the recall of Democrat state senators who obstructed democracy by fleeing the state and refusing to engage in much needed debate. Wisconsinites deserve representatives who are willing to make tough decision for the good of the state, which is why Senators Holperin and Wirch need to go.

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Big Media’s Big Palin Problem

Are some things inevitable? Do certain circumstances lend themselves to the unavoidable hand of destiny? Are Washington politicos usually correct when making predictions based upon “conventional wisdom”? Per the media’s prodding, shall we just go ahead and start calling him President Rick Perry? Not if former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has anything to say about it. Last week, in what is best described as trademark Palin unpredictablity, the self-described hockey mom drove a stake into the heart of three distinct narratives that, for months, have been reverberating throughout the echo-chambers of Big Media.

First, in an interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity, the former Alaska governor began gently tarring former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with the same sort of criticism she has more often reserved for President Obama — that of ditherer-in-chief. Mrs. Palin pointedly mocked Romney’s political wind-testing approach to the debt debate, and in her genuine “bless his heart” way, she began the uneasy task — oft-loathed by competitors within the same political party — of pointing out the many differences between herself and Mr. Romney. This crucial contrast-drawing can most likely be interpreted as a move toward announcing her candidacy.

Next, ever since Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced her decision to run for the GOP nomination, the media has been salivating over a potential “mud-wrestling” match between Mrs. Bachmann and Gov. Palin. But on the same night, and in nearly the same breath used to chastise Romney, Palin silenced the media-driven girl-fight meme by praising Bachmann’s principled “no” vote on the debt-ceiling debacle. (The elites are confounded by Palin’s willingness to both criticize and praise, as a matter of principle rather than politics, even her presumed competitors.)

Lastly, in their usual cynical tone, the political spinsters have been pushing a run for the GOP nod by current Texas governor Rick Perry. Trumpeting Perry’s alleged popularity within the Tea Party movement, the jammer-jawing intelligentsia spin a tale aimed at convincing voters of his viability, as a worthy opponent for Pres. Obama, while attempting to shut the door on the idea of nominating Gov. Palin. Of course, the flurry of pro-Perry news items is also intended to demoralize any pro-Palin forces by persuading them that Gov. Palin herself will ultimately decide against running. They want Americans to believe that Palin acknowledges her own cerebral shortcomings and will instead endorse the much more sophisticated Gov. Perry. (It’s intriguing that, when it’s convenient for Big Media, Governor Palin is painted as severely lacking in intelligence, yet as soon as they need a villain to decry, she becomes an evil genius who plans the destruction of polar bears from high atop her Alaskan ice castle.)

However, in yet another apparent step toward a 2012 run, Gov. Palin slyly re-tweeted a piece written by Whitney Pitcher, and featured on www.conservatives4palin.com, that puts Perry in a fairly negative light. In the post, Pitcher analyzes the dismal fiscal numbers in Texas garnered by the anemic leadership of Rick Perry, compared with Alaska’s example of financial discipline under the leadership of the former mayor of Wasilla. If Governor Palin intended on endorsing Gov. Perry — should he choose to run — why would she trumpet his poor financial record to her legions of followers? It should also be noted that, according to conservatives4palin, Pitcher’s post “pretty much calls for her (Palin) to run for the presidency.”

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Bernanke, the Wizard Behind Obama’s Sham Economy

On July 11, The Center for Vision & Values posted my article decrying the insulting name-calling directed toward Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke. The very next day, Bernanke made me question my forbearance by telling Congress that a third round of “quantitative easing,” or “QE3,” could be a near-term option.

Now it’s my turn to call Bernanke a name, but I’ll use a clinical label, not a crude one. He is an inflationist, although he may prefer the label “anti-deflationist.” He so fears a deflationary spiral that he will create however many dollars he believes necessary to avert deflation.

Bernanke’s repeated attempts to patch over the nation’s economic weakness, rottenness, and dead wood with newly created dollars remind me of the “Potemkin village” ruse. The Soviet communists duped foreign visitors into thinking that communism was a viable and prosperous system by steering them to sham factories, stores, villages, etc., which appeared to be productive, bustling, and attractive. In reality, Potemkin villages were like movie sets, built to disguise the widespread poverty and backwardness that characterized life in the “workers’ paradise.”

Official statistics insist that the Great Recession ended two years ago. Yet unemployment is creeping up, record numbers of workers are remaining unemployed for record lengths of time, income is down for small proprietors, and millions of people feel as though the recession never ended.

It is proverbial that statistics lie. One such statistic is the gross domestic product. GDP has risen modestly the last two years, supposedly indicating growth rather than recession. Here is the flaw in GDP: By definition, GDP=C+I+G. In other words, GDP equals the sum of consumer spending, private investment, and government spending. (There is also a problematical addendum of net exports, reflecting the mystical mercantilist notion that a country is richer if foreigners obtain more goods and services than domestic residents do, but let’s omit that here.)

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Rick Perry to speak in Iowa on Sunday

Texas Governor Rick Perry will speak at a Republican fundraiser in Iowa Sunday for the Black Hawk County Republicans, his campaign confirmed to the CBS News on Tuesday.

Perry appears poised to soon announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, and his decision to travel to the crucial first-in-the-nation voting state signals that he plans to compete aggressively there. Perry also plans to make stops in South Carolina and New Hampshire on Saturday, and is expected to make his plans to seek the nomination clear in his remarks in South Carolina.

“It’s an important area of the state for Republicans,” Mark Miner, a spokesman for Perry, told the Des Moines Register of Perry’s decision to travel to Waterloo, Iowa. “There’s nothing new to announce, but stay tuned.”

Perry’s campaign said the event will take place in Waterloo’s Electric Park Ballroom, and Perry will be joined by Sen. Chuck Grassley, Rep. Walt Rogers, R-Iowa, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn and Secretary of State Matt Schultz.

Notably, the trip will come just a day after Saturday’s closely-watched Iowa straw poll in Ames. Perry, who is not on the straw poll ballot, will undoubtedly divert attention from the outcome of the poll, which traditionally has a significant impact on the Republican presidential race.

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Did Newsweek choose Michele Bachmann cover photo to make her ‘look crazy’?


Another Newsweek cover controversy is brewing–and once again, it involves women.

A month after editor-in-chief Tina Brown Photoshopped the late Princess Diana walking alongside Kate Middleton onto the cover of Newsweek, sparking outrage among fans, Brown is drawing the ire of the tea party for selecting a photo of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)
for Newsweek’s cover that makes the 2012 Republican hopeful look, well, crazy.

The photo of Bachmann, shot in Washington on Aug. 1 by photographer Chris Buck, accompanies a cover story by Lois Romano entitled “The Queen of Rage.” (Newsweek tweeted the cover image late Sunday with the #QueenOfRage hashtag.)

Reached via e-mail, Alice Stewart, Bachmann’s press secretary, declined to comment. “We are focused on meeting with the people of Iowa in advance of the Straw Poll,” she wrote in an email to The Cutline. And Bachmann brushed off a question about the cover from a voter in Iowa.

Conservative media pundits, though, were more than happy to respond.

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The Great Deconstruction of big government and public union


The economic downturn of 2008 – 2009 has been labeled “The Great Recession” for good reason. Eight million Americans lost their jobs compared to six million in the last four recessions combined dating back to 1980. The jobless recovery may trigger a double dip recession in 2011. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York estimates that homeowners’ equity has fallen by over 50 percent, or about six trillion dollars, during this period. Some 22 percent of all mortgages are now under water. And, economists predict that between eight and 13 million homes will have been foreclosed before the crisis ends.

The eight million jobs lost during the Great Recession were primarily in the private sector. While the private sector was ravaged, the public sector was protected and bolstered by the $800 billion Stimulus Bill (3) in 2008 that sent more than $200 billion to the states to keep public sector employees employed. The Stimulus money that California received allowed California to avoid the job cuts demanded by a state budget more that $20 billion out of whack.

Ironically, it will be the actions of the Tea Party, a movement that had no significant affect on California’s 2010 election, that will impact California’s future. While the Tea Party swept more than 60 Democrats out of the Congress in 2010 and replaced them with freshman conservative Republicans, there was no such sweep in California. Democrat Governor Brown easily won his election as did Barbara Boxer and literally every Democrat running for state-wide office.

The vote in the House of Representatives, led by the freshman Republicans, will reduce Federal spending by $2.1 trillion over ten years. The framework would immediately cap domestic and defense spending. These changes will find their way to California and signal the end to Sacramento’s budgetary fiction that the Federal government will bail out the wasteful spending of state politicians. California will be forced to solve its budgetary shortfalls the same way as their federal counterparts – with less money than before.

The period following The Great Recession will be known as “The Great Deconstruction” and will usher in draconian cuts in public sector jobs and a reduction in size of California’ s government. Deconstruction is defined as the wholesale elimination of entire programs, their permanent funding and the jobs involved.

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Iran says U.S. ‘will be taught the mother of all lessons’

Iran is planning to retaliate against the United States for the sabotage against its nuclear program, according to an editorial in the Kayhan newspaper, the mouthpiece of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The U.S. has all of its infrastructure connected to the Internet, the editorial says, and as a result, “it is constantly worried about an unknown player, who they will never be able to identify … sitting in some corner of the world who would launch an attack on a sector of (the Americans’) foundations. They will be taught the mother of all lessons.”

Specifically, Iran is looking into launching a cyber attack against U.S. electrical grid systems.

Iranian officials are furious over the July 23 assassination of nuclear scientist Dariush Rezai-Nejad, who was working on electric detonators for the Iranian nuclear program, which can be used on missiles or nuclear bombs. He was the third Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated since 2009.

The frustration over acts of sabotage started with the computer virus Stuxnet in which 1,000 of Iran’s centrifuges at the Natanzs nuclear facility were destroyed and had to be replaced. The virus also attacked the Bushehr nuclear power plant, which has resulted in repeated delays in it joining the country’s power grid.

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U.S. Credit Downgrade: Another Obama First!

Three years ago, many well-meaning Americans suspended concerns about Barack Obama’s experience, judgment, and associations in order to vote for an “historic” president. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, they got one — good and hard. Friday night, for the first time in history, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. The United States earned the top rating the moment such rankings began in 1917 — which means we maintained our AAA rating through the Great Depression, stagflation, malaise, and the 1982 recession. Thirty months of Barack Obama, and it is gone for the first time in history. Change we can believe in!

The retrogression is neither surprising nor is it the only “historic” first The One has perpetrated against the United States. Obama cajoled Congress for weeks that it had to pass a debt ceiling compromise by August 2 to avoid just this occasion. But as Rep. Tom McClintock, R-CA, pointed out, “The purported cuts, even if realized, are far below the $4 trillion deficit reduction that credit rating agencies have warned is necessary to preserve the Triple-A credit rating of the United States government.” S&P used precisely this language in its statement about downgrading the United States, saying the resultant cuts fall “short of the amount that we believe is necessary to stabilize the general government debt burden by the middle of the decade.” It faults political gridlock and the lack of “containment” of entitlements. The same administration experts who insisted GOP sellouts on the debt compromise would stave off Friday’s downgrade also insisted passing a stimulus plan would hold unemployment below eight percent.

Even less surprising is the fact that the Obama administration actually believed its rhetoric could stop the inevitable. When Standard & Poor’s began hinting at its actions, anonymous officials began a whisper campaign that the agency’s math was off. Jake Tapper reported Friday evening, “Because of the pushback, the Obama administration is preparing for the downgrade but is not 100% positive it’s going to happen, officials said. And if the downgrade does happen, officials are not sure when it will happen.” S&P downgraded the U.S. hours later. Choosing talk over action has consequences, at home and abroad.

The consequences of his actions are unknown and foreboding. The new credit rating may cause inflated interest rates to trickle down to states and localities, or make all borrowing rates rise.

Economic growth would shrink the importance of the national debt — but such growth is not expected as long as Obama is president. Economists expert growth in debt, and its attendant economic disintegration, in the years to come. Under most estimates, debt would amount to 88 percent of GDP in ten years. S&P warns under its pessimistic scenario, debt will reach 101 percent of GDP in 2021. (AFP news service reported on Wednesday, that U.S. borrowing topped 100 percent of GDP.) Carmen Reinhart of the Peterson Institute for International Economics testified before the House Budget Committee in March that growth begins to slow noticeably once debt crosses the 90 percent threshold. The European Central Bank suggested negative impacts begin at the 70-to-80 percent level. Even the adoption of the debt compromise spooked the stock market, causing a decline for nine out of the past ten sessions, a streak not seen since 1978 when Jimmy Carter was president.

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Revise U.S. military strategy now!

Thirty-one U.S. special operations forces (Navy Seal 6 members reportedly) killed in a helicopter crash Saturday morning in Afghanistan south of Kabul may have been victims of a Taliban shoulder-held missile.

Iran is controlling the future of Iraq more and more each day. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the Iranian general “secretly running” Iraq and commander of the al-Quds Force, has so much Iraqi influence that Baghdadis believe he is controlling the country. The commander of the Iranian al-Quds force controls more of what goes on inside Iraq than the United States does. There appear to be no achievable victories for the United States in either country.

To date, government security policy elitists in the United States government have demonstrated almost complete ignorance toward revised, adaptive and forward strategic planning. While virtually every military officer and many policy “wonks” have been taught strategic planning at some level, it is obvious many have thrown most of the lessons out the door upon graduating. This is demonstrated more than ever by our senior generals, admirals and Defense, State Department and intelligence political appointees. One only need observe the international scene and turmoil in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The time is now to change strategy and reposition our forces for present and future operations. This mythical counterinsurgency, or COIN, strategy must cease immediately. These so-called decision makers have bankrupted the United States and are decimating our armed forces by continuing critical budget cuts, wearing out our military equipment and wearing down our force structure with extended operations in the Middle East. It’s just what our enemies like to see.

We must reposition our forces now and change our global strategy. I implore the generals and admirals to take charge and do what is right for America.

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The high cost of being an anti-abortion attorney

A longtime prolife activist who is a licensed lawyer in Kansas and has been admitted to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court is arguing before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that those who influence court-related decisions should be held accountable for their statements.

The issue being raised by Bryan J. Brown, now of ArchAngel Institute, follows his rejection by the Indiana Board of Law Examiners for permission to practice law in that state. The decision followed reports from a state organization called the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program that included comments from outside evaluators who were critical of his Roman Catholic beliefs.

Brown is not challenging his rejection by the IBLE, but he is calling for a court decision that those outside evaluators be held accountable for their statements, especially regarding his faith.

His concern is that his case is becoming a test for a strategy that could be used to remove a prolife perspective from the legal profession – and ultimately the judiciary since judges almost invariably spring from that field.

“JLAP is set up to break down conservative attorneys in the name of advancing their mission – diversity. I am no anomaly, I am just the first to feel their blades,” he told WND.

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