Ilhan Omar Reportedly Orchestrating an Illegal Widespread Vote-Harvesting Scheme; Trump Calls for Investigation

By The Federalist. Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is reportedly orchestrating an illegal widespread vote-harvesting scheme in Minneapolis and exploiting the city’s Somali immigrant community, according to the conservative investigative watch-dog group Project Veritas.

In a 17-minute video expose, the group features Minneapolis City Councilman Jamal Osman’s brother, Libal Mohamed, incriminating himself on Snapchat videos showing ballots piled up in the dashboard of his car.

“Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman,” Mohamed brags. “I have 300 ballots in my car right now… Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All of these here are absentee ballots.”

While “Ballot harvesting,” is illegal in most states, Minnesota allows third parties to collect up to three ballots for voting individuals, far fewer than the 300 shown in Mohamed’s car.

Omar Jamal, a whistleblower on the corrupt scheme who spoke to Project Veritas, told the group of Ilhan Omar’s alleged involvement, calling the entire operation an “open secret” in the community. (Read more from “Ilhan Omar Reportedly Orchestrating an Illegal Widespread Vote-Harvesting Scheme” HERE)


Trump Calls for Investigation Into Rep. Omar Over ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Claims

By New York Post. President Trump has called for an investigation into Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar for alleged “ballot harvesting” in Minnesota.

“This is totally illegal. Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not???,” the president tweeted early Monday.

“We will win Minnesota because of her, and law enforcement. Saved Minneapolis & Iron O Range!,” he continued.

The president was referring to a report from Project Veritas that implicates progressive “Squad” member Omar in an alleged cash-for-ballots scheme to gather absentee ballots illegally from Somali immigrants. . .

“Ballot harvesting” is illegal in most states, and Minnesota law allows a third party to collect no more than three ballots. (Read more from “Trump Calls for Investigation Into Rep. Omar Over ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Claims” HERE)

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President Trump Announces Release of 100 Million Rapid Coronavirus Tests

President Donald Trump announced Monday the federal government will ship 100 million rapid coronavirus tests to states by the end of the year.

“The support my administration is providing would allow every state to on a very regular basis test every teacher who needs it,” Trump said.

The White House said last month that it was buying 150 million of the tests, made by Abbott Laboratories. Each costs $5 and can be analyzed in 15 minutes without the use of laboratory equipment.

The first shipments, totaling 6.5 million tests, will be sent this week, and the amount each state receives will be based on population data. Although governors will be in charge of deciding how to use the rapid tests they receive, Trump and HHS testing czar Brett Giroir encouraged state leaders to deploy the tests to help reopen schools. (Read more from “President Trump Announces Release of 100 Million Rapid Coronavirus Tests” HERE)

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Republicans Call for Criminal Investigation Into Trump Tax Return Leak

Rep. Kevin Brady, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, is calling for a criminal investigation into the leak of President Trump’s tax returns.

“While many critics question the article’s accuracy, equally troubling is the prospect that a felony crime was committed by releasing the private tax return information of an individual — in this case the President’s,” the Texas Republican said in a statement released on Monday night. “To ensure every American is protected against the illegal release of their tax returns for political reasons, I am calling for an investigation of the source and to prosecute if the law was broken.”

Rep. Mike Kelly, another GOP member of the committee, echoed Brady’s call, writing on Twitter, “The unethical, perhaps illegal, leaking of any American’s tax returns is a stunning breach of public trust. That doesn’t change because it happened to @realDonaldTrump. The joint political hit piece between the New York Times and Democrats just weeks before an election shows no wrong doing by @POTUS but leaves Americans wondering if their own private tax information can be weaponized against them for political gain. There must be an investigation into who turned over confidential tax records to the press to determine if the law was broken.”

According to reporting from the New York Times, Trump paid only $750 in federal taxes in 2016 as well as in 2017, and the president has not paid federal income taxes for the past 10 of the last 15 years, “largely because he reported losing much more money than he made.” The report also said Trump has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans coming due in the next few years. (Read more from “Republicans Call for Criminal Investigation Into Trump Tax Return Leak” HERE)

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President Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Again

On Monday President Donald Trump was nominated for the third time this year for a 2021 Noble Peace Prize. The nomination came courtesy of Australian law professors praising the “Trump Doctrine” against endless wars.

While speaking with Sky News in Australia, law professor David Flint explained why he decided to nominate Trump.

“The Trump Doctrine is something extraordinary, as so many things that Donald Trump does. He is guided by two things, which seem to be absent from so many politicians. He has firstly common sense and he is only guided by a national interest, and therefore, in our circumstances, an interest in the Western alliance,” Flint said. “What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided that he would no longer have America involved in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing, but the killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts imposed on America.”

During his interview with Sky News, Flint also spoke about the recent peace deal announced by Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making the latter the third Arab country to make peace with the Jewish nation. (Read more from “President Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Again” HERE)

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Air Force Moves to Cancel Contracts for Training on ‘White Privilege’

The Air Force is taking the first steps toward canceling any contracts for diversity and unconscious bias training that include segments on white privilege and other controversial subjects, as called for by the White House.

The Air Force’s move follows a Sept. 4 memo from Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, which alleged executive branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars “’training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

Vought ordered agencies to identify, and then look for ways to cancel or defund, contracts or agency spending for training on critical race theory, white privilege, “or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either … that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or … that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.” Vought also called such courses “un-American propaganda training sessions.” . . .

In a Tuesday email, Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said the Air Force is complying with the guidance laid out in the OMB memo, and is looking to identify and cancel contracts that run afoul of the memo’s guidance. Stefanek also confirmed the JA issued guidance to other judge advocates throughout the Department of the Air Force, which includes the Space Force, about the OMB memo. (Read more from “Air Force Moves to Cancel Contracts for Training on ‘White Privilege’” HERE)

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WATCH: Lindsey Graham Announces Dates and Timeline for SCOTUS Confirmation

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham appears on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the latest DC events surrounding senate investigations and the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Senate Judiciary hearings begin October 12th, committee nomination likely October 22nd to Mitch McConnell.

As an outcome of his own can-kicking and ‘over-promise/under-deliver’ disappointments Senator Graham has diminished support from the republican base in South Carolina. As a direct result, Graham uses this appearance to request money for his own reelection effort.

(For more from the author of “Lindsey Graham Announces Dates and Timeline for SCOTUS Confirmation” please click HERE)

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Chinese State Media: World Rejects ‘American Values’ Like Freedom and Democracy

China’s state-run Global Times cited a few polls and Western op-ed pieces on Sunday to argue the world has rejected “American values” like freedom and democracy.

In the Chinese Communist paper’s view, the U.S. response to China’s coronavirus pandemic, unrest in the streets, and “division and confrontation between political parties” prove the U.S. system does not work and America’s “global leadership is declining.” . . .

The Global Times blamed much of America’s supposed decline on President Donald Trump but then argued that if he had not been elected in 2016, “another similar politician would assume high office sooner or later” because America’s selfish, chaotic, stubbornly individualistic society simply cannot handle the challenges of globalization.

“With globalization worsening various woes in American society, the U.S. will eventually take off its hypocritical moral mask and reveal its true nature. The U.S. does not want to spend a relatively long time to adapt to globalization. It hopes to adopt direct and rampant measures to prevent other countries from making progress and taking the lead,” the Global Times concluded, seemingly predicting the United States will abandon its “hypocritical” concerns about human rights and become more like China. (Read more from “Chinese State Media: World Rejects ‘American Values’ Like Freedom and Democracy” HERE)

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Cindy McCain Added to Biden Advisory Board

Cindy McCain is joining Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s (D) advisory board, the former vice president’s transition team announced this week.

“Cindy McCain is joining our already strong advisory board of diverse experts who are committed to ensuring a Biden-Harris administration is ready to meet our country’s most urgent challenges on Day One,” Ted Kaufman, co-chair of Biden Transition, said.

“This transition is like no other, preparing amid the backdrop of a global health crisis and struggling economy which makes Mrs. McCain’s experience as a business woman, philanthropist, and longtime advocate for issues impacting women and children all the more valuable,” Kaufman added:

(Read more from “Cindy McCain Added to Biden Advisory Board” HERE)

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Pelosi Urges Colleagues to Prepare for 2020 Presidential Election Reaching Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., urged her congressional colleagues to bolster their support for Democratic candidates in an attempt to shore up the type of majority the party would need if the 2020 presidential election reached her chamber.

According to the 12th Amendment, congressional delegations decide the next president in the unlikely event that neither candidate wins a majority (270) in the Electoral College. Going into the election, Trump has the upper hand as his party controls more state delegations (26 vs. Democrats’ 22), even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in total representatives.

But because Congress doesn’t declare election results until after new members are sworn in, November’s results could theoretically allow Democrats to win enough state delegations prior to Congress certifiying the election results on Jan. 6.

“We must achieve that majority of delegations or keep the Republicans from doing so,” Pelosi said in a letter to colleagues Sunday. “Because we cannot leave anything to chance, House Majority PAC is doing everything it can to win more delegations for Democrats. It’s sad we have to have to plan this way, but it’s what we must do to ensure the election is not stolen.” (Read more from “Pelosi Urges Colleagues to Prepare for 2020 Presidential Election Reaching Congress” HERE)

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Kamala Harris Accuses GOP Senate of ‘Ignoring Justice Ginsburg’s Final Wish’

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) hit the campaign trail on Monday, as Joe Biden continues to shield himself from the public eye. The newly-minted vice presidential nominee commemorated the life of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and criticized Senate Republicans’ plan to move forward on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the seat vacated by Justice Ginsburg.

Sen. Harris accused President Trump and Republicans of “ignoring” Justice Ginsburg’s “final wish” by filling the seat.

“It looks like this president and his party are not interested in hearing any of the lessons from Justice Ginsburg,” she said, campaigning in North Carolina. “Already, the president and his party have chosen to ignore Justice Ginsburg’s final wish: to hold off the nomination to replace her until after the next president is chosen. A wish, by the way, shared by the American people.”

Sen. Harris made her opposition to Judge Barrett’s nomination clear, piling onto the fear mongering messaging campaign that her ascension to the Supreme Court poses a threat to coverage for preexisting conditions and women’s rights.

(Read more from “Kamala Harris Accuses GOP Senate of ‘Ignoring Justice Ginsburg’s Final Wish'” HERE)

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