Video: Tired of watching Washington? Take a break and laugh

Sometimes listening to and watching all of the stuff that comes out of Washington becomes a little too much. Take a break and watch this funny video.

Video: Barack Obama’s Peevish Voice

In this LOL Video we see Obama speaking in his most peevish voice. Hollywood couldn’t capture it in greater color.

Rush Limbaugh- Obama Blames Others For Economy

Rush reads six pages of headline of Obama blaming everyone else for the economy.

Cokie Roberts- Our Big Problem is the US Constitution

Cokie Roberts one of the leading voices of the left wing establishment in America masquerading as a journalist lets the truth slip in this important video. Our big problem is the “US Constitution” in her analysis.

John Kerry-Media Should Not Give Equal Time to Tea Party

The bigots of big government such as Senator John Kerry are upset about the Tea Party. Here he takes to the airwaves and calls for the media to stop giving the Tea Party equal time and voice with the advocates for growing government.

For The Record : Personhood

Sarah Palin Defends Tea Party

Sarah Palin has become one of the most effective defenders of the Tea Party. Last Night on FOXNEWS she took after Democrats that have called them terrorists. Her best line was when she attacked Obama asking: “If We Were Real Domestic Terrorists, Shoot, President Obama Would Be Wanting to Pal Around With Us, Wouldn’t He?” Go Sarah Go.