Video: Sununu to CNN’s Soledad-`Put An Obama Bumper Sticker On Your Forehead’

Governor Sununu and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien get into it in this clip from a live CNN interview today. The fireworks start at 2:10 with Sununu telling Soledad that she might as well “put an Obama bumper sticker on [her] forehead.”

  • Romney cannot stand by and let Newt and his other attack dogs bite the media. He should go after them like the great zinger Sununu used. Fire Dee Dee Myers and hire Newt.

  • reggiec

    Two put downs, Newt and now Sununu. I bet calling out the lame stream news networks as part of Obama’s campaign team will not have any effect. They have proven they have no shame, ethecs or morals. mmmmmm sort of like the person the support.