Free-Market Advocates Hail ‘Net Neutrality’ Repeal

The Federal Communications Commission voted to reverse Obama-era “net neutrality” regulations Thursday, causing free-market advocates to celebrate and sparking fierce resistance from opponents who fear customers will be at the mercy of service providers.

The final vote, as expected, came along party lines. Three GOP appointees voted for the change, while the two commissioners appointed by President Obama voted against it.

In recent weeks, critics of the reversal intensified their protests, claiming that reversing net neutrality would allow Internet service providers to gouge consumers and force them into buying more of their products. They also suggest removing government control increases the likelihood of fewer players in the industry.

However, those verbal protests have escalated in ways that draw alarm, going so far as to publicize the names of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children. Thursday’s proceedings were briefly interrupted by a security scare.

After the vote, the mainstream media posted alarming headlines. “End of the Internet as we know it,” stated the headline at (Read more from “Free-Market Advocates Hail ‘Net Neutrality’ Repeal” HERE)

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