Video: Military Retiree Explains to Rush Why Obama Knew Immediately About Benghazi, Refused Aid

If you have any desire to know, from the inside, why Obama had to have known, early on, about what was going on in Benghazi, you need to watch this video.

This retired Lieutenant Colonel, at his own “peril,” describes the standard protocol that almost certainly involved Obama directly, not just in notifying him about what was going on but also in seeking his approval to defend Americans on the ground.

Here’s an excerpt of the colonel’s statement:

[T]he protocol says someone marched their happy little ass up to the senior guy standing next to POTUS and said, “Sir, ambassador in Libya is in peril.” …And evidently they were strip ready in [Sicily] and they would have the assets to penetrate the airspace, you know, an MC-130 papa, which is a C-130 specially equipped with electronic countermeasures. They didn’t need permission to enter Libyan airspace, okay?

I’m giving you a lot of Inside Baseball stuff, and maybe putting myself in a little peril by doing it, but the In-Extremis [rescue] Force, they would have been chomping at the bit to do this. It was turned down, POTUS [Obama], at his five p.m. Eastern time meeting with the principals, that’s when he put the kibosh on everything. It was a conscious act. It has to be because, you know, the In-Extremis Force is required to be prepared to do In-Extremis non-combatant evacuation operations for its geographic responsibility, the entire continent of Africa. So there’s always somebody ready to go, and the aircraft are always prepared to go. It’s maddening to say that there was not intelligence.”

And here’s the interview with Rush Limbaugh:

  • Keep up the great work, Joe. There is a Syrian angle to Benghazi. Obama is smitten with Putin. Putin and Assad are buddies. Stevens was sent to Libya to facilitate the movement of American arms to the Syrian rebels fighting Assad. Assad found out and let Al Quida know and they took out the facilitator aka Amb Stevens. Follow the trail. Retired AF Colonel

  • BestRealAmerican

    Treason. Trial and execution — the only logical next steps for this dicktator.

  • tomtom

    The yellow bellied Scumbag-in-chief does it again !!!!!

  • Jim

    The American people would be incensed if the press let them know what is happening. My wife likes to watch Brian Williams and last night the whole news program was about the hurricane, then a couple of puff pieces. There was nothing about Benghazi, nothing about Obama’s culpability in this killing, NOTHING!
    We need to get this goofball and his communist administration, out of office, then into a court, then to jail. How much more proof do we need? I don’t think that finding Obama standing over a dead woman, with a gun in his hand, and 1000 witnesses to the shooting, is enough for his supporters and co-conspirators in the press. He would still find a way to blame someone else and they would believe him. It’s not just breaking laws, or being derelict in your duty, or being stupid anymore…it’s Treason.

  • Dumjo

    People from past administrations have spoken out and stated that Obama had to have the details of the attack within minutes because of the protocol in place in the Administrative branch. My concern is that we are making an assumption that Obama follows protocol. I don’t think he does. I believe he thinks he is beyond the power of the elements that work together to protect the people of this nation. He is also capable of allowing people to die if it helps his cause to be reelected. He needs to be retired

    • Hank

      That’s putting it pretty mildly, Dumjo.

    • Homer

      YEAH man, but some of these idiots are still voying for this foreigner/communist “BECAUSE” they got a free cell phone w/250 frre min’s! Some people are sooooooo thick!

  • Dale

    This is good. Thanks for sharing it. Sad day for America.

  • Lizelot

    The more we hear, from insiders as well as military brass, the more unbelievably murky the Benghazi picture gets. This is far worse than the Bay of Pigs, Watergate, or the Iran Rescue snafu under Carter. This sounds like deliberate dereliction of duty and trust at the highest levels. A very sad chapter in our nation’s history, for sure. Weird silence in certain mouthy quarters!

  • Homer

    FACT: FLASH TRAFFIC is priority over all other less important message traffic..IT will go to it’s intended recipient and it will be signed for and acknowledged for at the time it is received!! Basically Obama lied…..again!