Miller Responds to Press on Senate Filing

Fairbanks, AK – Joe Miller today responded to press inquiries about his filing to run for US Senate, the complexities of FEC law, and the status of his candidacy.

“On May 2nd, 2013, we filed paperwork with the Secretary of the Senate expressing an intent to run for US Senate in 2014,” Miller said. “The complexities of the law require filing after expenditures exceed $5,000, or when certain fund-raising or campaign activities are commenced. Support from the grassroots has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are moving forward within those guidelines organizing, fund-raising and coordinating with our volunteer base.”

Though an official announcement has not been made to date, the Citizens for Joe Miller committee has engaged in a thorough deliberative process and will notify our supporters and the press at such time as we have an official announcement to make.

  • TJL

    You have our support and our prayers! Go Joe!

  • amiciLatinae

    Go for it! Don’t forget to make the second ammendment a biggie, the outrageous cost of O-care, and the fact that Alaskans are being robbed of additional income by draconian anti-oil laws. Alaska is a prime target for Korean missles, and B.O. could care less. He didn’t even react to the last threats because he’s not very interested in Alaska. Don’t let anyone in your State forget the crack about selling Alaska to diminish the national debt. Remind Alaskans why someone like you is all they have left that they can count on. Good luck.