Joe Miller Dismisses Begich Healthcare Move as ‘Political Theater’

Fairbanks, Alaska. November 13, 2013 — This week Mark Begich announced that he has opted to sign up for Obamacare using Alaska’s federal exchange, purportedly to forgo the subsidy offered by the Obama administration that exempted Congress from the effects of the new healthcare law. He said he wants to “have the exact same experience and go through the same steps as other Alaskans.” 
Joe Miller wasn’t impressed.
“It’s all political theater,” said Miller. “Where was Mark a few weeks ago when an amendment was offered by Senator Vitter to remove the Congressional subsidy altogether? I don’t recall him jumping on the bandwagon.”

Miller added, “Having said that, the fact that Mark Begich ‘feels our pain’ is of little comfort to thousands of Alaskans who have lost their health plans, or the thousands more who will be paying significantly higher premiums due to Obamacare.”

Senator Begich was the 60th and deciding vote on Obamacare in 2010, and even refused to strike down one of the law’s most egregious regulations. In a straight party line vote, he supported the so-called “grandfather rule,” which negated his and President Obama’s promise that “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.” So much for putting Alaskans first.

Alaskans know that he is responsible for the difficulties we are facing, and he’s not going to get extra credit for working to save us from the consequences of his own actions.

“Mark Begich has chosen to spend his years in the United States Senate carrying the water for Barack Obama and Harry Reid,” Miller said. “Unfortunately, his constituents have to pay the price. But if Mr. Begich is so keen on having the ‘exact same experience’ as the rest of us, perhaps we can send him to the unemployment line with the Alaskans who won’t have a job due to the economic fallout from Obamacare.”
Miller concluded, “Part of leadership is having the foresight to stop the train before it wrecks, and on that count our junior senator has miserably failed.”

Joe Miller is a husband, father, war veteran, businessman, and Constitutional conservative who believes in limited government, the Right to life, individual liberty, private property, and free markets.