The Islamization of America: Muslim Holidays Are Now NYC Public School Holidays

By CBS New York. New York City public schools have added two Muslim holidays to the school calendar, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina announced Wednesday.

Schools will now close for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, making New York City the largest school district in the nation to recognize the two holidays on the official school calendar.

The announcement was made at PS/IS 30 in Brooklyn, where officials said 36 percent of students were absent the last time Eid al-Adha fell on a school day.

“We’re here today to make good on a promise to our Muslim brothers and sisters that a holiday of supreme importance to the Muslim community will be recognized in our school calendar so that children can honor the holiday without missing school,” the mayor said.

“I want to thank Mayor de Blasio for adding Eid-al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr to the public school holiday calendar,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. “Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and the Muslim community is thriving not just in The Bronx but throughout the city of New York. This decision allows our city’s Muslim community to fully practice their faith without it interfering with their school attendance and education. As I have said in the past, by recognizing these two important holidays, we show that not only are we welcoming to everyone’s religious beliefs but that we respect everyone’s Constitutional right to freedom of religion.” (Read more about the Islamization of America HERE)


Muslim Man GUILTY of Trying to Murder Hundreds in New York City Subway Bombing Attempt

By Robert Spencer. A Pakistani man was found guilty Wednesday in a failed al-Qaida bomb plot after a New York trial that featured spies in disguise, evidence from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound and the defendant’s questioning of an admitted co-conspirator.

The jury convicted Abid Naseer in federal court in Brooklyn after deliberating since Tuesday morning. His court-appointed legal adviser said there would be an appeal but declined further comment.

Naseer, 28, was first arrested in 2009 in Great Britain on charges he was part of a terror cell plotting to blow up a shopping mall in Manchester, England. The charges were dropped after a British court found there wasn’t enough evidence, but U.S. prosecutors later named him in an indictment alleging a broader conspiracy that included a failed plot to attack the New York City subway.

After his rearrest and extradition to the United States in 2013, Naseer pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and providing support to al-Qaida.

He acted as his own lawyer, often referring to himself in the third person as he set about portraying himself as a moderate Muslim who was falsely accused. He was assisted by defense attorney James Neuman but largely spoke for himself and demonstrated a calm demeanor in court that never wavered, even when the guilty verdict was read. (Read more from this story HERE)

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  • Kathy

    Christmas was changed to winter and Easter to spring break but the Muslims can have their religious holidays? Satan at work big time.

    • Charles

      Kathy you got that right !!!

  • Charles

    I didn’t know until he was elected Mayor, that O’Bumo has a white brother.

  • CaptTurbo

    I guess NYC wants to be like Detroit. With their liberalism they will get there. Reap what you sow. Useful Idiots!

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Do all the kids get the Muslim Holidays off even if they are not Muslim? Do the Muslim kids take the Christian Holidays off? If they do what happened to them being offended by anything Christian? They should be in class Christmas, Easter etc. Who teaches them then?

    • John Liberty

      If Muslims take a Christian or Jewish holiday off … Isn’t that “Apostasy” for them??? Yep sure is for Apostasy is: “abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through deed.” That “deed” is observing the “holiday” of an other religion like taking a day off in observance of it.

      • mginsd

        C’mon! It’s not like Islam ever had any great thinkers like Aquinas or the other Church Fathers to delve into questions like this. It’s all about simply surrendering to Mahomet and no thing else.

  • canemah

    All the other religions should be storming the gates. Why no weeklong Tet holiday? Mormans, Shintoists, Hindus, and all the other religions with residency in NYC want their holidays respected too. This idiot de Blasio make David Dinkens seem like a wise man.

  • John Liberty

    What ever happened to separation of Church and State that the Liberal socialists complained about? Are they telling us that NOHTING matters to us so long as we do it “for the public “good”, or that our laws only apply to others? Yep that’s the theology of Liberalism … a Religion all by itself.

  • vaquerobob

    Can anyone remember the America that would NEVER even THINK of embracing/observing the holidays of a sworn enemy of America… who wishes to see America destroyed??? THIS is nightmarish INSANITY!

  • mginsd

    Apparently Mr. Diaz forgets that part of the freedom of religion is a freedom FROM religion, specifically, from having any form of religion pushed in your face. (He also forgets his history: the Moors’ conquest of Spain and their subsequent ouster by Ferdinand & Isabella.) Even if Islam is to be accepted as a religion, as opposed to the militant political creed bent on world conquest it is by it own terms, Americans have a right not to have it legitimized, let alone portrayed as “the thing which is not,” on their time and dime. This is just more NYC happy talk from the prime practitioners of political rectitude. Scratch NY from my list of travel destinations for the duration of the Islamic occupation.

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