Fox News Guest Reveals Origin of Cruz Sex Scandal Story [+video]

Columnist and Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers threw cold water this weekend on speculation that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was the source for a National Equirer report accusing Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, of having multiple affairs.

When the story broke Friday, Cruz blamed Trump, who is friends with David Pecker, CEO of American Media, the company that publishes the Enquirer. Cruz has denied the allegations. Powers discussed the story’s origins over the weekend.

“The Daily Beast reported that it was shopped around by two — reporters by somebody who was a pro-Rubio person,” she said.

“I also happen to know that one of the people who was shopping the story around very aggressively was somebody who was completely anti-Trump, and was anti-Cruz also … but who was not a person who in anyway was supportive of Trump,” Powers added.

The Daily Beast had reported that, “A half-dozen GOP operatives and media figures tell that Cruz’s opponents have been pushing charges of adultery for at least six months now—and that allies of former GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were involved in spreading the smears.” It reported that Breitbart News was shown some video, but declined to pursue the story on the grounds that the video was inconclusive . . .

“I knew nothing about it, I know nothing about it, ,” [Trump] said Monday on Fox and Friends. “I have no idea whether or not it’s true, but it’s likely he should try and blame me because he’s losing by a lot. I mean, I have many, many more delegates than him. I have millions of more votes than him in the primary. He’s losing by a lot, so he’s not going to blame Rubio, because Rubio’s out.” (Read more from “Fox News Guest Reveals Origin of Cruz Sex Scandal Story” HERE)

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  • Chuklz

    When we start relying on Kirsten Powers as an objective source for reporting and taking her word as gospel, we are indeed in deep trouble. Though she does, at times, show some journalistic objectivity, those occasions are rare and we must be skeptical until her statements are proven fact. She makes the allegations, but has absolutely no names or sourcing to back them up. at this point, all allegations of sourcing are suspect as none have provided one ounce of provable fact.

  • Mark

    I just shake my head in sad amusement about crap like this. I long for the day when a real man steps forward to lead this country. A man (or woman) that has integrity, courage, and the comportment that would befit an individual capable of leading the free world. An individual that is free of agendas other than one that truly benefits all citizens and not just one faction or party.

  • Mobties

    Anthony Weiner’s ex-girlfriend, aka Kirsten Powers, is not the least biased reporter around.

  • texal37

    So sick of the media play gotcha with these people’s lives and the welfare of the country. How low will they go to elect Hillary? They have protected her and Obama for years….ask yourself why? I thought media was supposed to be about reporting facts and last news….not playing one side against the other for political purposes! Truth has become a rare commodity!

  • The entire reason Trump got implicated is that his surrogate Roger Stone was the sole quotee in the Enquirer story.

    If Pecker wanted Donald to have plausible deniability he should have used a different quote.

    • Mita

      Exactly. Pecker undoubtedly know about the story and knew it would help Trump. So I guess both Rubio’s people and Trump’s people could be responsible.

      I’m just so disgusted with everyone right now.

  • Stephen Randall Malone

    Enjoying the ride on the Trump Train, Joe Miller…??

  • Marc Goldstone

    If true, Cruz and Trump need to make nice, apologize to each other’s Wife and align to beat the RINO’s and party elites. Cruz is quite brilliant and should be Trump’s first nominee to the Supreme court as Ted doesn’t need to be a Natural Born citizen for a SCOTUS position. For Ted this would be the dream LIFETIME job where his Conservative credentials could benefit the country and Antonin Scalia’s legacy for decades to come.

  • Russ

    This must really stick in Trump haters craw I’ll bet. To bad Ted, this one won’t stick to Trump either just like all of your other below the belt crap you have tried. I can’t believe I actually supported Cruz at one time. Just like all attorney’s lie and make up crap. TRUMP 2016!!!

    • G03Maxine

      How is the ‘logic’ in such a statement as this (i.e., about “ALL attorneys”) … any different from that of (say) a racist who says (e.g.) that ‘ALL whites’ are rapists; or that ‘ALL blacks’ are pimps’???

  • Joey Smith

    Crappy level politics. Didn’t like it with Clinton, don’t like it with Cruz.

    I want to see a president who vetoes the right bills and closes the right agencies. I’d gladly exchange great decisions for immorality in the bedroom.