CPAC Bans ‘Pro-Family’ Tone Towards Homosexuals

The highly influential Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC – which has featured presidential candidates and conservative leaders going back to Ronald Reagan – has barred a traditional-family advocacy group from sponsoring the upcoming conference and hosting an exhibit, because its “tone” toward culture-war adversaries “crosses a line.”

CPAC approved the application of Massachusetts-based MassResistance on Jan. 29 to have an exhibit at the event, which begins next Wednesday. But last week, Dan Schneider, the executive director of CPAC’s organizer, the American Conservative Union, told the group the decision had been reversed. Schneider cited a video that surfaced with remarks by MassResistance President Brian Camenker in a panel discussion at a conference in Salt Lake City in November 2015 called Stand4Truth.

One of the panelists, Michael Brown, a WND columnist, said defenders of traditional values should treat adversaries “respectfully,” “speaking the truth in love.” . . .

“I think there’s a place for being insulting and degrading, and I think I can back that up by Scripture,” the MassResistance founder said. “I think we have to look at this as a war, not as a church service.”

Moderator Sandy Rios – the American Family Association’s governmental affairs director, the president of the conservative political action group Culture Campaign, a Fox News Channel contributor and a talk radio host – agreed with Camenker, saying evangelicals “have gotten a little bit soft and not understood warfare.” (Read more from “CPAC Bans ‘Pro-Family’ Tone Towards Homosexuals” HERE)

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