Joe Miller Announces Candidacy for United States Senate

Senator John Coghill, Senator Fred Dyson, and Representative Tammie Wilson endorse Joe Miller

Today, Joe Miller formally announced his candidacy for the United States Senate with both a press conference and web announcement. Miller enters the Republican Primary looking to replace incumbent Lisa Murkowski.


“I’m not a politician but rather a concerned citizen, hard working taxpayer, father, and devoted husband who believes that our country is at a crossroads. Are we going to keep faith with the Founders and defend our Constitutional Republic? Or will we continue our head-long plunge into socialism and more government control? We already know what is at the end of that road: the decline of the dollar, further constriction of our economy, sustained high unemployment, crippling government regulations, and a deeper dependency on hostile foreign powers,” stated Miller. “I’m running to turn that around—to stand up for individual freedoms, and stand up for Alaska.”


“Over the years I have seen the courage and character of Alaskans. I’ve witnessed resilience, strength and a determination like no other. Yet Washington never reflects these Alaskan values,” said Miller. “I believe Washington can be changed.”


“When I look to the future, I see a country where Alaskans can be confident in the direction of our nation and that we control our own destiny. But it is going to take courage and character to make the changes. It is going to take new leadership,” added Miller. He is committed to being a Senator who brings Alaska values to Washington instead of Washington spin home to Alaska.


Senator John Coghill, Senator Fred Dyson, and Representative Tammie Wilson endorse Joe Miller.


Coghill released the following statement: “More than ever, Alaska needs a Senator who will stand up to federal bureaucracy. I endorse Joe Miller for U.S. Senate because he has the qualifications and the right views to represent Alaska.”


Miller plans on using both new technology and good-old-fashioned door to door campaigning to communicate his message with voters.


The web site features Miller’s leadership background, issues, press releases, a donation page, a blog and links to Twitter and Facebook. Miller plans on routinely updating his site and suggests that voters continuously visit for the latest news.

Miller is an “Alaskan by choice.” He grew up in a working class family in Kansas, but headed to the Last Frontier sixteen years ago because of his love of the outdoors. Following graduation from law school, Miller joined the prestigious firm of Condon Partnow & Sharrock in Anchorage. Just three years later, at the age of 30, he was appointed as a State Magistrate (the youngest then serving in Alaska) as well as a Superior Court Master for the Fourth Judicial District. Further honors followed four years later when Miller was appointed an Acting District Court Judge and, shortly thereafter, U.S. Magistrate Judge in Fairbanks. Again, he had the distinction of being the youngest to serve in that federal position, not only in the state, but in the entire nation. He was also the only judge in the United States that served at both the federal and state levels simultaneously.


In 2004, Miller stepped down from the bench to run for State Representative. He handily won the contested Republican primary and nearly pulled off an upset in the general election coming within three percentage points of defeating the incumbent in a traditionally Democratic district—the closest re-election campaign the officeholder has ever faced.


Following the campaign, Joe returned to the practice of law. He has represented clients in a wide variety of cases, some of which have gone all the way to the Alaskan Supreme Court.


Prior to becoming an attorney and a judge, Miller was officer in the United States Army. He is a decorated veteran from the first Gulf War, receiving a bronze star for his actions in combat. He received his commission from West Point, where he graduated with honors. Joe is also a graduate of Yale Law School and holds a masters degree in economics from the University of Alaska.


Miller lives with his family in Fairbanks. His wife of 18 years, Kathleen, is a teacher and serves on the Alaska Judicial Council.