Joe Miller on Todd Palin

Faced with a primary battle against a popular incumbent, it might make sense for a conservative candidate to take advantage of connections to Alaska’s most famous conservative…. But Miller, who is an advocate for limited government, says it’s not about big names or endorsements.


“Todd’s a longtime friend,” Miller said. “He stands for many of the same principles.” Miller takes issues with Murkowski’s positions and voting record, which he says promote big government and an unsustainable national debt load that will be a burden on generations to come.


“This is about a U.S. Senate seat,” he said. “It’s not about Sarah Palin and Lisa Murkowski.” What the media will make of the situation, Miller said, is beyond his control.


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Nolan, Maia. “Murkowski challenger says it’s not about Palin.” Alaska Dispatch 3 May 2010.