Begich Now Advising McAdams

Anchorage, Alaska. September 3, 2010 — The Joe Miller for US Senate campaign has a quesion for Scott McAdams: If he is going to have Senator Begich, the man who virtually bankrupted Anchorage, running his campaign, how can he be trusted to address the nation’s growing debt crisis?

Scott McAdams says on his website, “This is my race for the taking. I have the full support of Sen. Mark Begich. I have the full support of the Alaska Democratic party.” Does he mean he will be able to explain and justify on behalf of the Democratic Party why they have added approximately $3 trillion to the National Debt without anything to show for it?

Our economic recovery has stalled and the national unemployment rate hovers near double digits: the Democratic Party is clearly not the answer.

Republican Joe Miller will be among the new breed of US Senate leaders expected in November to bring our nation back to fiscal responsibility.