The Club for Growth Endorses Joe Miller

Anchorage, Alaska. September 3, 2010 — The Club For Growth endorsed Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. Club President Chris Chocola said, “Joe Miller’s principled pro-growth leadership is exactly what Alaska and America need today in Washington. Joe is committed to our nation’s founding principles of economic freedom and limited government, and Club for Growth PAC is committed to Joe.” Some others endorsed by The Club include Senators Jim DeMint (SC) and Tom Coburn (OK), as well as Pat Toomey (PA) and Marco Rubio (FL).

Miller responded to the endorsement, “The Club for Growth is at the forefront of trying to get this nation turned back around and heading in the right direction economically. I believe, as The Club does, that the answer to our current economic challenges must come from the private sector and individual initiative and industry of the American people, not by growing government. I am very grateful for The Club for Growth’s endorsement.”