Miller Disagrees with Legal Fees Ruling

Miller says, first and foremost, the legal actions taken were about the rule of law prevailing.

Fairbanks, Alaska. June 24, 2011 — From spokesman Randy DeSoto:

“While Joe agrees with the court’s decision to deny Lisa Murkowski’s demand to pay her legal fees, he strongly disagrees with the court’s decision relating to his payment of the State’s fees.

“In his ruling, Judge Carey writes that Miller was motivated by the salary of the office of US Senator, not the integrity of the vote and the constitutional rights of the tens of thousands of Alaskans who voted for him last fall. However, Miller’s Complaint requested, first and foremost, a fair count of Alaska’s U.S. Senate votes. Despite the incontrovertible evidence that the candidates’ votes were counted differently (hand vs. unverified machine count) resulting in an unreliable final tally, the Alaska courts denied this relief.

“Joe also brought suit to clearly establish what legal standard would be used to count the write-in ballots. Judge Carey does not adequately take into account the federal district court’s order that halted the certification of the election until “serious State law issues” were finally and fully resolved. He also discounts the federal court’s ruling stating the Alaska law governing the counting of write-in ballots was unclear and in need of revision, and that the state legislature passed a bill seeking to clarify how write-in ballots would be counted in the future, which the Governor signed into law last month.

“In short, Judge Carey admits that Miller’s legal action raised substantial and complex legal issues. This admission is consistent with the federal district court’s initial decision. Nevertheless, Judge Carey mistakenly divines – without any evidence concerning this before him – that Joe Miller’s motivation was a U.S. Senator’s salary. Obviously, the Judge and many like him do not get it.”

Joe Miller stated, “The Tea Party revolution is not about salary, position, or prestige: it’s about bringing America back to its constitutional foundations, where the rule of the law rather than the ruling class prevails.”