Gay marriage passes in New York: Welcome to East California

New York State now allows gay marriage. Make no mistake: this is a defeat for the preservation of America as we know it. It is a bright red warning light to every American who loves our country just as she is; and there is no turning back now.

Fools and fence sitters take note: Citizenship is no longer a spectator sport. Smug phrases like, “Oh I never talk politics, or I don’t bother to vote,” which should more honestly be, “I don’t vote because I’m too smart to vote but you’re not,” have been rendered ridiculous overnight.

Whether you talk about politics or not really doesn’t matter to the troops of destruction. They talk about you and how to take everything you have. Those who believe they aren’t victims of liberal politicians in Albany and Washington are basically drooling halfwits.

The forces of evil are at our door. They have come to make us live our lives as they see fit. In this world we may have repose or may have truth, but we may not have both.  The truth is before us: there can be no more repose. Each American must either fight or live under the tyranny of the minorities.

New York’s dominoes

The consequences of this bill around the country remain to be seen, but in New York it is an acceleration of the final days of America’s once great “Empire State.” New York is finished. It will soon be recognized as “East California” wallowing in political correctness and union control.

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