Joe’s Blog: Ruling Class Tyranny

If you’re like me, you’re terribly concerned about the direction of our nation.  Whether it’s impending national bankruptcy, eroding personal liberties, or the incessant attacks against the traditional family, the bedrock of civilization, it seems everything is falling apart.

So what do we do?  We throw everything aside and immerse our efforts and finances into democratic change.  We identify elected leaders that are co-conspirators in our national destruction and target them for defeat.  We work day and night, shoulder-to-shoulder with other grassroots activists to upend the establishment with constitutional conservatives.

Sometimes, these Tea Party insurgencies elect patriots to office.Other times, the reform movement loses a race but manages, in the process, to drive the dark, bipartisan forces controlling much of our political processes into the light.  When that happens, we have the exceptional opportunity to discover answers to why the U.S. political system, no matter the party controlling the White House or Congress, continues to move us in the same direction.

A great example is my 2010 US Senate race where the NRSC, under Senator John Cornyn’s leadership, raised literally hundreds of thousands of dollars under my banner but then promptly spent the money attacking Democratic candidate Scott McAdams, knowing full well that every vote peeled from ultra-liberal McAdams would go to almost-as-liberal Murkowksi.  The end result? McAdams’ candidacycollapsed to the direct benefit of Murkowski.

All along Senator Cornyn falsely promised to do everything possible to ensure my victory. But he recently “insisted” in an interview with Politico that “the NRSC ‘did not go after [Murkowski]’ last cycle, since it stayed away from direct attacks on her campaign.”  He concluded that the 2010 race “turned out well. It had a happy ending.”

Senator Cornyn is part of the Ruling Class that intended to perpetuate the membership of his colleague, Lisa Murkowski.  Both Cornyn and Murkowski embrace the model of government that we’ve grown accustomed to in DC: ever-expanding bureaucracies, a federal government that knows no constitutional limits.  I explicitly threatened this model, having the gall to suggest that the Constitution be followed as it was intended.

What’s the solution?  Understand that compromise is killing the country and that your 2012 vote can only be cast for constitutional conservatives who embrace the Founders’ vision of limited government.