Miller Chooses Not to Appeal Legal Fees Ruling

Fairbanks, Alaska. July 21, 2011 — After much consideration, Joe Miller has decided not to appeal the Superior Court’s award of attorney fees from the suit with the State of Alaska, Division of Elections.

Spokesman Randy DeSoto stated, “We still have concerns with the Court’s reasoning, particularly with respect to the false and insulting notion that Joe’s run for the United States Senate was driven by selfish financial gain. Joe’s reasons for public service have not changed. It is the same love of country that motivated him to risk his life in combat as an Army officer.”

Joe Miller added, “The Court’s claim that I was motivated by a U.S. Senator’s salary is wrong and has no factual support in the record. The truth is I ran for the Senate because I wanted to serve my country and represent the people of the great State of Alaska. I was stirred to action by a deeply held belief that our country was (and is) headed in the wrong direction, and I wanted to be part of the solution. I’ve chosen not to appeal, recognizing that course would have spent money that hard-working Americans entrusted to me. Given the amount at issue, it simply does not make good financial sense to move forward with the appeal. Pyrrhic victories are not my goal. Accordingly, this court fight ends today. I’m directing my counsel to contact the Alaska Attorney General’s office today and make arrangements to pay the fees required by this court ruling in an expeditious manner.”

Though the court battle ends today, Joe’s commitment to public service, and his fight for the future of our country, will continue.