Europe Facts, Not Fiction: Usage Of ECB Deposit Facility Goes Parabolic, Sov CDS Wider Across The Board

While the market continues to trade purely on rumor, counter-rumor and refutation of a refutation, the facts demonstrate that Europe is ugly and getting worse. Today’s now daily update focuses on continuing deterioration in both liquidity and solvency. First, the usage of the ECB Deposit Facility soared to €198 billion on Monday from €182 billion on Friday. This is a massive €118 billion increase in the past month alone. As the chart below demonstrates, a good word to describe the chart is parabolic. Furthermore, USD Libor continues to rise and has now risen nearly 40 days in a row. While not nearly parabolic, it is time to shift attention away from Credit Agricole, which is still the most “funding challenged”, and focus on CSFB which once again rose by 0.01%, and threatens to overtake the troubled French bank in pole position. Time to refocus the shorts from France to Switzerland? Lastly, the CDS are ugly across the board.