Keep your “bulwarks” Barry and just SHOOT THE BUNNY: America needs fuel not tree hugging smugness

The recent Texaswildfires have consumed nearly 4600 square miles of vegetation destroyed over 1000 homes and taken several lives. If only Texas´ (not to mentionArizona,Californiaand New Mexico´s) forests could have been systematically harvested to help our economy!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as Obama´s Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Bob Abbey, has opposed recent legislation proposed under H.R. 1581 (The Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011) sponsored by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.). Abbey, it appears, is going for the jugular to rouse a nation impervious to 9% plus unemployment and defend the environment by comparing this GOP initiative to: “…shooting a small rabbit with a large gun, leaving almost no meat on the bone.”

At stake is lifting Forest Service protections to nearly 36 million acres of inventoried road-less lands as well as compelling the Bureau of Land Management to release over 6 million acres of Wilderness Study Areas to permit mineral development, and thinning forest areas to obtain economic benefit and logging. But according to Harris Sherman, Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the Agriculture Department, so called “road-less areas” “ …support biodiversity and contribute habitat for one- fourth of federally listed species ….while serving as a ´bulwark´ against nonnative and invasive species.”

For those who can live without “bulwarks” on approximately 65,600 square miles (aland mass nearly as big as Washington State) that render huge swaths of territory propitious for the propagation of such bambi like creatures as grizzlies, mountain lions and coyotes (spotted in such remote places as Manhattan) then you’re in for some news if not rabbit meat. Established technology enables one to pelletize (if not make into firewood) this endless font of biomass that could otherwise fuel out of control house burning wildfires.

For a mere $43,900 an entrepreneur can obtain equipment to produce wood/cellulose pellets to sell to local buyers for home heating. Logging corporations, no doubt, make heftier investments and would be delighted to start building lumber access roads to help Obama have some “shovel ready” jobs to brag about creating.

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