Please, No Excuses or Misplaced Empathy for Sandusky’s Enablers

Well, it’s already started. With the nation still reeling in shock over the child-rape scandal at Penn State, the excuses and misplaced empathy for Sandusky’s enablers have quickly usurped the public anguish, which should rightly be reserved for the child victims.

Victims? What victims? The nation’s eyes have become fixed on the ignoble fall of a noble man, Coach Joe Paterno, in what many see as an unjust end to a luminous, generation-enriching career.

We really ought only to be thinking now of the real victims. There are eight young male victims listed in the 40-count indictment against Jerry Sandusky. Two of these are listed due to eyewitness testimony, though their identities are still unknown.

The truth is we may never know how many victims there actually were.

Some are grown men, who may never come forward even when and if Sandusky goes to trial. Deeply imbedded shame and chronic depression keep many victims of childhood sexual abuse in lifelong shadows. Some of these victims will never reveal, even to their most trusted intimates, that they were ever sexually abused. Yes, the shameful scars go that deep.

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