US Voter Id laws now being reviewed by DOJ, Cuba, China, and Russia

Recently I checked into a hotel in the lower 48, and they asked for both my credit card and ID. Is this hotel racist for requiring my ID ? We all know the answer to that. Voter fraud is a serious issue in our nation, yet the integrity of the ballot box should be of the utmost importance.

In the last several months, the DOJ and Eric Holder blocked voter id laws in Texas and South Carolina. To gain entrance to the LBJ Library in Austin, Tx, participants had to show – you guessed it – their ID ! Now Holder’s partner in vote suppression histrionics, the NAACP, has scampered off to the United Nations Human Rights Council (including China, Cuba, and Russia) to whine about states attempting to require (live) voters to prove who they say they are.

And in the bucolic states of New Hampshire and Vermont,  James O’Keefe exposed disturbing voter fraud. In New Hampshire, ballots in the name of dead people were handed out at multiple precincts. Imagine what happens in Chicago or Philadelphia.

From the Daily Caller, by Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski

The far left is making an unprecedented two-track move to derail states’ efforts to protect the integrity of the ballot box for this November’s elections. While the Department of Justice (DOJ) is blocking state efforts, liberal activists are taking this issue to the United Nations Human Rights Council. […]

In 2008 the Supreme Court upheld an Indiana voter ID law that is even more robust than the statutes from Texas and South Carolina. But Indiana is not subject to VRA Section 5, so Holder claims the law allows him to block those two states, even though he knows he can’t touch the third.

But while these domestic fights are underway, the NAACP is taking the issue of voter ID laws to the United Nations Human Rights Council (the successor to the Human Rights Commission), claiming that such ballot-box integrity measures violate the human rights of racial minorities under international law.

So they go to the United Nations. Specifically, to a body tasked with protecting human rights. Just to be clear, the nations comprising this supposed champion of human rights include dictatorial and authoritarian regimes like China, Cuba and Russia. […]

As we’ve written for Yale Law & Policy Review, the right to vote includes the right not to have your vote diluted by fraudulent votes. And as citizens, each of us has a duty to comply with reasonable measures to ensure that our elections are free and fair. In that vein, even liberal Justice John Paul Stevens agreed with moderate and conservative Supreme Court justices that voter ID laws are constitutional. […]

Ken Blackwell served as Ohio secretary of state and the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission. Ken Klukowski is a fellow with the American Civil Rights Union and is on faculty at Liberty University School of Law.

United Nations Human Rights Council

One of the greatest privileges of our nation is to vote. Diluting the integrity of the process hurts everyone. While the critics of voter id laws whine about vote suppression, it is they who love to keep poor people poor – it’s what they do. For those who don’t have an id, it is in their – and our nation’s – best interests to get one, and we should have programs in place to help them.  Voter Id laws  will of course “suppress” vote fraud – hurting the Democrats chances, hence, their bug-eyed opposition to them.

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