Alaska’s primary election: One of the most important in the history of our state, page 4

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The other primary race that is of interest in the Valley is the three-way Republican Primary between Ralph Seekins, Click Bishop and a Valley political newbie, David Eastman. Seekins and Bishop are both well know in the Fairbanks area and Eastman is known more in the Valley. What is unknown is how Bishop will play with the Democrats in the Senate. Bishop is known for his very strong union ties. Eastman, a strong pro-life conservative, is new to the field with little apparent backing but he says he has “lots of volunteers.” Seekins is well known around the state and is considered a conservative. Of the three, Eastman and Seekins are considered to be the most conservative. As a Republican, it is hoped Bishop will publically commit to NOT organize with the Democrats before informed voters support him. He has not made such a promise yet. I hope the voters ask the tough questions about who he will support for the Senate leadership.

The other general (November) race of interest in the Fairbanks area is the Coghill-Thomas race. Both names are well known and respected in the Fairbanks area. That race presents a clear choice: Thomas is a Democrat and will roll with the Dems, while Coghill is a proven conservative with a long family political history in Alaska.

I hope this analysis helps voters make wise choices for the future of Alaska. I ask each and every one of you to make a difference and call your friends, relatives and co-workers and encourage then to vote on Aug 28th. This is one election where every vote will count and have great impact on the very existence of the Alaskan lifestyle as we know it and your family’s investments in Alaska.

Bottom line: Research the candidates in your area and make an informed vote in the Republican Primary August 28th.