Homosexuals, others protest Chick-fil-A yesterday, create “chaos”

Photo credit: Generic Brand Productions

A day of protest at Chick-fil-A franchises around the country ended in chaos yesterday as thousands of gay couples gathered to oppose the company’s stance on same-sex marriage.

One branch of the fast-food restaurant was vandalised with graffiti accusing them of spreading ‘hate’, while another had to call police after being flooded with protesters and media.

Reports were also received of a restaurant being evacuated after a bomb threat which was later deemed to be a hoax.

The unrest marred a day when thousands expressed their support of marriage equality with public displays of affection outside branches of the popular chicken restaurant.

One protester went to extreme lengths to show his disdain for the chain’s anti-gay marriage stance – and ended up losing his job over it. Adam Smith, the former CFO of an Arizona-based medical device manufacturer, decided to take matters into his own hands by targeting an employee at a drive-thru window, videoing it and uploading it on to YouTube.

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