Obama: Hollywood is the November 2012 “tie-breaker”

Photo credit: shredded77

President Barack Obama on Monday told gathering of wealthy donors – many from Hollywood — “you guys are the tie-breaker” in the upcoming presidential election. “You and the American people,” he added.

Obama made the comment at a fundraiser in upscale Westport, Conn., just hours after he accused Romney of being “Robin Hood in reverse” at another fundraiser in Stamford, Conn. Dubbing the former Massachusetts governor “Romney Hood,” Obama said Romney wants to take from the middle class and give to the rich.

The Westport fund-raiser was held in the home of movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Actress Anne Hathaway was seated closest to Obama at his table. Screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin, whose NBC show “West Wing” was about a Democratic president, was also in attendance as well as talk show host Jerry Springer and actress Joanne Woodward, according to the White House press pool reporter.

Obama paid tribute to the stars in the audience.

“I want to thank Anne Hathaway for taking the time to host us. She’s spectacular,” Obama said, according to the official White House transcript. “And I did get a chance to see Batman and she was the best thing in it. That’s just my personal opinion. Aaron Sorkin — who writes the way every Democrat in Washington wished they spoke. Aaron, thank you.”

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