Study: Nearly a Third of Millennials Identify as LGBT

Roughly 30% of millennials in the United States identify as LGBT, according to a recent study conducted by Arizona Christian University.

Among the 30% of millennials who identify as LGBT , 39% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 said they fall into that category, according to the results of the study , which surveyed 600 people between the ages of 18 and 37 and was overseen by George Barna, the school’s Cultural Research Center’s director of research. . .

The study also looked into the political views of millennials and found in 2021, roughly 48% prefer socialism over capitalism. Millennials also said the most important issue the U.S. is facing is management of the COVID-19 pandemic, with climate change, racial discrimination, and abortion being the next top issues, according to the study. Issues listed by less than 2% of millennials as being among the most important include religious freedom, income inequality, and support for senior citizens, the results showed.

While a majority of respondents held favorable views of Jesus and the Bible , 3 in 4 millennials viewed all religious beliefs of equal value, and most rejected the existence of absolute moral truth. (Read more from “Study: Nearly a Third of Millennials Identify as LGBT” HERE)

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