Dr. James Dobson Blasts GOP’s “Vicious” Attack on Akin

Dr. James Dobson, whose advice about parenting, child-rearing, marriage and faith has guided millions of Americans and whose counsel on family matters has been sought by presidents, today blasted the Republican Party for abandoning a strong GOP candidate to be U.S. senator, U.S. Rep. Todd Akin.

Dobson, the founder and president of Family Talk, which produces his regular radio program, “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk,” told WND it is “disgraceful” that the “GOP political bosses” have told Akin to drop out of his race, have withdrawn financial support and publicly maligned the congressman.

“I regret to say that Congressman Akin has been subjected to disgraceful treatment at the hands of the GOP political bosses,” Dobson said. “They have withheld funds for his campaign, even though he won the GOP primary for the Senate seat. Karl Rove and Haley Barbour have said things about his character that are untrue. Their vicious opposition could get his Democratic opponent elected in his stead. That is curious since an Akin win could give the Senate majority to the Republicans.”

Akin has endured a gauntlet of rebuke during the past few weeks over what he explained was a misstatement in an interview, when he used the phrase “legitimate rape” (i.e., actual rape) as an awkward synonym for forcible rape.

He apologized repeatedly for the error, as well as for mentioning a controversial medical theory regarding rape and conception. He also made it clear he is remaining in the race against incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, and says he intends to win.

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