Not your Mom and Dad’s Democratic Party Anymore

The media likes to talk about how the Christian right has hijacked the Republican Party, but why not apply a similar standard to the other side? This convention is proof positive the secular left has overtaken the Democratic Party.

As I noted yesterday regarding the new narrative — this is not your mom and dad’s party anymore! — it is clear the DNC has gone hard left.

Some examples? How about their removing God and Jerusalem from a platform that also includes zero restrictions on abortion. And then there was Sandra Fluke‘s ugly nasty speech last night — which accused Rep. Paul Ryan of wanting to kill pregnant women.

I could go on …

But here’s the bottom line. Aside from the prime time speeches (where they largely put their best face’s forward), the message boils down to a collection of grievances, fear, sob stories — and a celebration of victimhood (only government can save us!).

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