Obama’s “Export More Jobs” Gaffe & Gibson Guitar: Stunning Hypocrisy

This past Thursday, President Obama made a slip of the tongue during a campaign speech in which he stated that he wanted to “export more jobs.” After seeing puzzled looks from his audience and hearing his own words echo in his ears, he then joked that he was channeling his opponent, Mitt Romney.

I hope this stunning, but no longer surprising, hypocrisy of Obama’s attack on Romney (in an attempt to mask his own goof up) is not wasted on an increasingly apathetic and seemingly gullible public. Many have either forgotten or never heard about a bizarre act in 2011 by the Obama administration in which it compelled the Gibson Guitar corporation to outsource its American labor force to Madagascar.

In fact, the administration threatened Gibson that it had to outsource jobs if the business wanted the “trouble” with Obama’s administration to go away. No matter the reason, it’s Obama with outsourcing blood on his hands from meddling in the affairs of a private business and coercing it to fire its American workers in favor of foreign ones.

Not only is it simply a bizarre act for anyone professing love for the American worker, but it also shows that Obama has demonstrated his lack of genuine concern for keeping jobs stateside. He’s already tried to send them overseas and it wasn’t even his own business. For some unknown reason, Obama wanted so badly for a U.S. business to outsource jobs that he stepped in and told them to do so or else face his wrath.

Talk about THE Outsourcer-In-Chief. Let’s hope that some of the Obama-no-matter-what crowd comes out of their trance in time to save our economy.


Byron Nelson is an American who contributes to http://www.nocommunism.com in addition to Restoring Liberty. He’s on Twitter at http://twitter.com/no_communism.