US Senate Votes 81 to 10 to Reject Limits on Aid to Pakistan, Libya, and Egypt (+video)

This past weekend, the United States Senate voted 81 to 10 to reject Senator Rand Paul’s effort to limit financial aid to Pakistan, Libya, and Egypt until the countries surrender the individuals responsible for the recent attacks against US interests within their borders.

In urging passage of this foreign aid limitation, Senator Paul criticized Hillary Clinton’s efforts to award more aid to Egypt despite the nation’s vehemently anti-American actions over the last several months. He also slammed other anti-US actions taken by these supposed allies.

The following is a video of Senator Paul’s speech on the Senate floor. I recommend you skip the first 3:45 of the video:

And, in case you were wondering, Alaska’s Senators Murkowski and Begich voted against any limits on Pakistan’s, Libya’s, and Egypt’s foreign aid. All other Senators’ voting records appear HERE, too.