Video: Alaska Republican Party Dysfunction on Display in Fairbanks

The Alaskan Republican Party central committee meeting in Fairbanks on Saturday, September 22, 2012, adjourned after only an hour, proving that the dysfunction of the state party is only growing worse.

Apparently, a dispute arose over a member of the ARP SCC who was recording the meeting. After a motion to remove the member who was recording passed, the meeting was recessed so he could leave. Later, when many of the members of the SCC were apparently no longer in the room, the out-going ARP Chair, Randy Ruedrich, adjourned the meeting without conducting additional business.

The below video is lengthy. You may want to skip forward to the discussion about recording the SCC at about 50 minutes. Ruedrich’s adjournment then occurs at about 1:06.

Stay tuned for a column from a district chair who attended this SCC meeting.