Debbie Brown No Longer Chair of the ARP? Not So Fast Says Party Secretary

In a letter dated April 9, 2013 and distributed today, Alaska Republican Party Secretary Alicé Leuchte stated that “Debra Holle Brown is the current State Chairman.”

Ms. Leuchte, one of only two remaining members of the slate of non-establishment candidates elected during the 2012 state convention whom the RINO establishment has not attempted to remove from office, explained that the April 8 effort to remove Ms. Brown as chairman was invalid because:

⋆ The outcome was predetermined (March 12) before charges were even filed (March 14);
⋆ 25% of the voting membership did not call the meeting (March 24-26);
⋆ The complaint did not go through the proper process before the call of the meeting; and
⋆ The complaint was reviewed by the new Rules Committee and was determined to be unfounded (April 6).

Ms Leuchte also notes that the National Republican Party website incorrectly lists past chairman Randy Ruedrich as the Excecutive Director of the ARP, as the “Alaska Republican Party does not currently have an Executive Director.”

In anticipation of the effort to depose her, Chairman Brown ordered that the ARP office be locked down prior to her departure from the state earlier this week for a meeting with the national Republican Party.

Read Ms. Leuchte’s letter HERE.