Emails Leaked Yesterday Directly Contradict Obama’s Repeated Claim that Solar Funding Had “Nothing To Do With Politics”

Yesterday, Restoring Liberty posted an interview between Obama and reporter Kyle Clark, where the President was asked a series of challenging questions — something he’s unaccustomed to from the press.

One of Mr. Clark’s questions involved the controversy over the multiple failed loans to “green” energy industries, such as solar. In response, Obama stated, “And these are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy, they have nothing to do with politics.” This statement was consistent with what he and his administration have said before on the subject, that all green funding was based on merits, not political cronyism.

In a series of emails leaked to yesterday, Obama’s claim that politics had “nothing to do” with green energy loans was directly contradicted:

In addition to the foregoing email showing that the White House was pushing to move Abound Solar forward – by applying pressure directly on the Department of Energy – an earlier email, also leaked to, confirmed that the Department of Energy was operating under significant pressure to get the Abound Solar deal done:

Americans should be outraged over this latest White House deception. But, as much as the administration has been lying recently, who knows whether anyone will really even notice.