Fury Over NYU Course Which Asked Students to “Step Into a Terrorist’s Shoes and Plan Terror Attack”

New York University has sparked outrage after offering a course in which students are asked to ‘plan a terrorist attack’.

The program, which is taught by former Navy criminal investigator Marie-Helen Maras, instructs the students to ‘step into [a terrorist’s] shoes’ and write a 10 to 15 page report on how they would attack the U.S.

‘In your paper, you must describe your hypothetical attack and what will happen in the aftermath of the attack,’ the syllabus, obtained by the New York Post, says.

Having pinpointed their terror group of choice, the students are told to factor in how they would carry out the attack, where they would source funding and how many terrorists they would need.

Should any of the students’ plan fall into the wrong hands, each page contains the words, ‘this is a hypothetical scenario for a university course on transnational terrorism’.

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