Missouri’s Todd Akin is Now Up Four Points Against McCaskill

The new poll out Monday showing that Todd Akin is leading Claire McCaskill in their U.S. Senate race comes at a pivotal time.

And it better be a renewed wake-up call to all the Missouri Democrats and McCaskill supporters who might think she’s going to walk to victory over Akin because of his asinine comments on abortion.

The poll, by Republican-leaning Wenzel Strategies, shows a 49 percent to 45 percent lead for Akin. That’s up just a bit from the 45-42 lead Wenzel had for Akin in late August.

In other words, Akin isn’t losing support despite weeks of negative attack ads on him by McCaskill and her forces.

The Akin camp thinks it’s getting a bounce from the revelations last week that McCaskill’s husband benefited from his investments in federally subsidized housing.

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