Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate: Obama Likely to Play bin Laden Card Because That’s All He Has

The final presidential debate will focus on foreign policy – a traditional Republican strength that should be an advantage for Obama this time around because of the demise of Osama bin laden last May and the end of the Iraq war.

Indeed, Obama has served notice that he will play the bin Laden card to full advantage, saying in his speech at the Al Smith dinner in New York last week: ‘Spoiler alert: We got bin Laden.’

At the vice-presidential debate in Kentucky, it took Vice President Joe Biden one minute and seven seconds into the first answer of the debate – to a question about Libya – to bring up bin Laden.

Libya, however, presents Obama with some problems.

Although Romney got tangled up in the weeds of whether Obama had referred to the Benghazi attack as a ‘terrorist act,’ the death of the first U.S. ambassador to be murdered in the line of duty since 1979 and the intelligence and security failures that led to it make the president very vulnerable.

In addition, it has become clear that the White House’s initial insistence that the attack was a result of protests about an anti-Islam video made in California were flat wrong – and possibly part of an official cover-up.

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