Video: Mom Found Guilty of Misdemeanor Over TSA’s Attempted Pat Down of Daughter

A mother who refused to allow her daughter to go through the Transportation Security Administration’s full body scan at Nashville International Airport and then reacted to what she believed was an intrusive pat down by TSA agents, was found guilty of disorderly of conduct.

The mom apparently reacted by swearing at the TSA agents. The confrontation then caused a crowd to gather, “disrupting the flow of traffic” and slowing down other passengers.

Video was taken of almost the entire incident.

Anyone (including this writer) who has had their private parts touched by TSA agents understands the emotional reaction of a normal parent to an over zealous agent’s touching of a child. What makes this even more outrageous is that there has probably never been a case in the history of US aviation where a young girl has ever posed any real threat to an airline. Perhaps the TSA should take a page out the Israeli playbook and use common sense, interviews, and other less physically intrusive but more effective profiling approaches.

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