Mark Levin Suing EPA to Disclose Devastating Regulations it Intends to Implement After Election

As we reported yesterday, the EPA has prepared numerous new regulations for implementation after the November election that would effectively destroy the US economy.

Today, the Daily Caller reports that Mark Levin’s legal group, Landmark Legal Foundation, is suing the EPA to force the agency to disclose what regulations it intends to implement after November:

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin’s legal group is suing the Environmental Protection Agency to obtain documents pertaining to the regulations the agency plans to implement after the election.

Levin’s law firm, the Landmark Legal Foundation, filed the lawsuit in federal court this week, seeking a court order directing the EPA to preserve and produce all records related to the agency’s regulatory plans after the presidential election.

The suit argues that news stories and political observers have indicated the EPA is “intentionally delaying the issuance of controversial new regulations until after the November election” with the possibility that “a) the Obama Administration is improperly politicizing EPA activities; b) EPA officials are attempting to shield their true policy goals from the public; and/or c) EPA officials themselves are putting partisan interests above the public welfare.”

In August, Landmark, via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, sought all the records dealing with rules and regulations from Jan. 1 to Aug. 17, 2012 that have not been finalized. The EPA acknowledged receipt of the request in August, but denied the group’s request to expedite the process.

Landmark appealed the denial, the EPA again refused to expedite the process this week.