Former Employee: ACORN Still Alive and Well

Former ACORN employee and whistleblower Anita Moncrief said ACORN is far from dead and is still “colluding” and “working with” the President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice.

Moncrief appeared with Conservative commentator David Webb in a one-hour special about the “District of Corruption” movie on FOX News’ “Hannity.” She specifically discussed how community organizing groups on the left put pressure on institutions like banks to get them to relent to their “equal outcomes” agenda.

Moncrief said ACORN would help people report food stamps and other “under-the-table” incomes as income to get subprime mortgages that eventually caused the housing market to collapse.

“ACORN’s agenda is Obama’s agenda,” Moncrief said. “It has not gone away.”

She said people would come to work at ACORN idealistic but there was a top-down culture of corruption that encouraged employees to look the other way “for the greater good.”

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