Report: New Jersey Senator Up for Reelection Tied to Dominican Prostitutes

By Matthew Boyle. Two women from the Dominican Republic told The Daily Caller that Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez paid them for sex earlier this year.

In interviews, the two women said they met Menendez around Easter at Casa de Campo, an expensive 7,000 acre resort in the Dominican Republic. They claimed Menendez agreed to pay them $500 for sex acts, but in the end they each received only $100.

The women spoke through a translator in the company of their attorney, Melanio Figueroa. Both asked that their identities remain obscured for fear of reprisals in the Dominican Republic.

When shown a photograph of Sen. Menendez, the women said they recognized him as the man with whom they’d had sexual relations at Casa de Campo this spring. Both said they were brought to the resort with the understanding they would be paid for sex.

Neither knew the identity of the man at the time. Both claimed to recognize him later as Sen. Menendez. Read more from this story HERE.

Dailykos Response to “Possible” Menendez Scandal

By Coolelegans. Apparently there is a rumor flying around that Sen. Menendez hired prostitutes while touring the Caribbean and it’s being pushed on Drudge. I have a few things to say about this. First of all it’s by the guy Tucker Carlson who got his *ss kicked by Jon Stewart and no longer has a job. He is desperate to hype up some breaking news because he is irrelevant, so I would take this news with a grain of salt. But, at the same time, I wouldn’t discount it completely, because they were right about Anthony Weiner before.

In either case, this whole thing is stupid. First of all, Menendez is crushing his opposition right now, and things aren’t going to move too much in a few days. Second, New Jersians right now care about what their politicians do for them, and Obama and co. are showing how good they are at handling the storm. Third, I don’t even think Menendez is married, Wikipedia says that he is divorced. So, basically conservatives are accusing Menendez of being attracted to women. Whoop-de-doo. As long as he didn’t use tax payer money for his trysts- who cares. Read more from this story HERE.