Steyn: Uninterested Voters Helped Dems on Election Day; Romney Ran ‘Small, Shriveled Campaign’ (+audio)

Filling in on Rush Limbaugh’s Monday radio show, National Review columnist Mark Steyn said that Republicans lost big on Election Day because less engaged and more uniformed voters turned out in force.

“We do very well in off years, in the midterms — 1994, 2002,” Steyn said. “Republicans can have good years then because essentially they’re low-turnout elections — people who are engaged in politics vote. In the presidential years, people voted — a broader pool of voters comes in, and they’re basically people who swim in the broader culture. They’re not people who know the name of their congressmen or governor, and [they] aren’t terribly interested.”

Steyn, author “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon,” added that the GOP has had persistent problems getting motivated voters to the polls.

“We face getting clobbered every four years about that,” he said. “Basically there has been no decisive — if you discount the first President Bush in 1988, because that was Ronald Reagan’s coattails — there has been no real active enthusiastic vote for a Republican presidential candidate in almost 30 years. The left had a point — we did lose the popular vote in 2000.”

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