Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore Wins Again as Alabama’s Chief Justice

Judge Roy Moore, who made headlines when state officials removed him from his position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003, has been re-elected to that very post.

In a race that was called some hours after polls closed tonight, Moore was declared winner of the race over Bob Vance, a Jefferson County circuit judge. The victory margin was 52-48 percent.

After the race was called, Moore told WND that he’ll be concentrating on assessing the case load, the budget and other administrative tasks as soon as he takes office early in the new year.

“It was a wonderful victory,” he said.

In a recent editorial asking for votes from his state’s residents, he explained that the controversy that resulted in his removal nearly 10 years ago was not primarily about a Ten Commandments monument he had had installed in the court building.

“I will … lead the judicial system of Alabama to uphold constitutional principles and moral values contained in our law and will resist all efforts to disparage or destroy our beloved constitution,” he wrote then.

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