USA Today: Petraeus and Broadwell Used Common ‘Email Trick’ Used by Terrorists

Paula Broadwell, ex-mistress of disgraced former CIA chief David Petraeus, could have used several different methods to hide her identity if in fact she sent anonymous, threatening emails to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, experts say.

But Shawn Henry, who retired in March as the FBI’s executive assistant director in charge of all civil and criminal cyber investigation worldwide, says the FBI had many techniques available to trace the communications.

“Somewhere along the way, her IP address was captured,” Henry said.

Someone trying to remain anonymous can hide emails by routing them through different servers and using public computers that don’t keep activity logs, he said. Broadwell may have thought she had done everything to hide her tracks, but often people make mistakes, leaving their emails traceable by investigators, he said.

The Associated Press, citing a law enforcement source who declined to be identified, reported that Petraeus and Broadwell apparently used a “dropbox” to conceal their email traffic.

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