Video: Police Tase Man While Putting Out Neighbor’s Fire to Keep Him From “Hurting Himself”

Daniel Jensen did what he believed anyone else would do after seeing his neighbor’s house on fire. He turned on his garden hose and started spraying.

The home next door was ten feet from his outer wall, and the wind was causing the flames to scorch his house.

“They were billowing up in the roof and starting to catch the fence on fire,” Jensen said. That’s why he is angry and confused about the actions of Pinellas Park police the night of November 8.

Jensen said when police arrived at his neighbor’s house, they ordered him to stop spraying. Jensen claimed that police told him not to bother fighting the fire, and to “let the house go.”

“I couldn’t believe what I heard,” Jensen said. “That it was an insurance problem. Let the insurance company handle it.”