Ex-Muslim to Spill Truth at Ravi Zacharias Conference

Raised in California by devout followers of a Muslim sect, Nabeel Qureshi says his life took a radical turn when his mind and heart were confronted by a series of prophetic dreams along with a friend’s presentation of the rational claims of Christianity.

“I loved Islam. I loved the practice of Islam. My parents were raising me to be a Muslim leader, as a Muslim apologist to invite people to Islam,” he explained to WND in an interview.

His conversion to Christianity is one of the largely untold stories amid America’s abrupt introduction to Islam following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks carried out by 19 Muslim men.

Over the past decade, the federal government, establishment media, academia and mainline Protestant churches have portrayed Islam as an apolitical “religion of peace,” often labeling anyone who believes otherwise as a bigoted “Islamophobe.”

Qureshi wants to set the record straight about Islam, pointing to its sacred texts and the words of Muslims themselves to argue that while diversely practiced around the world, it is fundamentally a supremacist, political religion that threatens Western civilization.

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