Michele Bachmann Says Obama Wants to ‘Lift Up the Islamists’ and Allow Sharia Law in America

Representative Michele Bachmann has claimed that Barack Obama is determined ‘to lift up the Islamists’ and bow to their ‘ultimate demand’ of imposing Sharia law on America.

In an extraordinary interview at the weekend, the woman who once had high hopes of being the Republican candidate in this year’s presidential election, said that Americans should study Islamist texts just as those worried about fascism pored over Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ in the 1930s and 1940s.

In an extended on-air conversation with conservative radio hosts Jan Markell and Eric Barger, Bachmann contended that Obama was endangering the United States and Israel by supporting radical Islamists.

‘President Obama, if you look at nearly every decision he has made about this issue, it is to lift up the Islamists and to take down Israel.’

The congresswoman, who won the Republican presidential straw poll in Ames, Iowa, in 2011 and who narrowly won re-election to the House of Representatives last month, said that Americans who are not Islamists will ‘lose their right of speech and expression’ because there was ‘no tolerance for dissent or disagreeing in any way with the goals or the beliefs of the Islamists’.

She said: ‘Not just verbal speech, but written, a cartoon, a painting, whatever it is, if it is in any way construed as being against Islam that is where the confrontation comes from the Islamist world and they want to stop anyone in the world from saying anything negative about Islam.

‘Which means there is only one free speech right and that would belong to the Islamists. Everyone else would lose their right of speech and expression.’

It would be ‘game over’ for America’ if free speech were denied because ‘once you criminalised anti-Islamic speech, anything that we would say that would be critical in any way of anything Islam does would be considered criminalised.’

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