After Destroying the Country, the RINO-Establishment Now Fixes its Sights on the GOP

According to a story from Politico this weekend, the 2012 election cycle has convinced establishment RINOs that, more than ever before, they have a “primary problem.”

Apparently, the post-election topic for these RINOs is how to influence primaries to get rid of those pesky constitutional conservatives who are mysteriously winning primaries but losing general elections. They’ve concluded that they’re going to return to their 2010 playbook of openly being involved in GOP primaries.

In other words, active intervention “in selected 2014 races to ensure preferred candidates win.” The RINO leaders intend to “clear fields” through “aggressive” primary involvement.

They intend to use “big-money establishment Republican super PACs like [Karl Rove’s] American Crossroads” to attack conservative candidates backed by groups like Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund and the Club for Growth.

Senator John Cornyn, the last National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman who helped orchestrate the NRSC’s hit on Joe Miller in Alaska’s 2010 general election battle against liberal Lisa Murkowski, agreed that establishment PACs would be taking a more active role in GOP primaries. He predicted the involvement of multiple super PACs: “This is too important to leave to [just Karl Rove’s] organization. You’re going to see other super PACs getting involved.”

Unfortunately for these disconnected ruling elites, the grassroots of the GOP is no longer playing along. Constitutional conservatives recognize that the RINO-establishment is responsible right along with the Democrats for the growth and bankruptcy of the federal government. They also see the establishment’s fingerprint on attacks against their candidates in multiple general election races.

So knock yourself out, RINO’s. The more you mettle, the sooner your unholy, big government alliance with the Democrats is forced out of the closet.