‘Communist Revolutionary’ Van Jones: Inaugural Address Proves Obama’s a ‘Communitarian’ (+audio)

After President Obama’s second inaugural address, Van Jones, former Obama White House “green jobs” czar, praised the speech, calling it “Djobama Unchained” (after the controversial movie Django Unchained, about a freed slave taking revenge). On Wednesday night, during a lecture at Loyola University Chicago, I asked Jones what he meant. He explained that while President Obama is not a socialist, he is, in fact, a “communitarian.”

After a long recapping of the first four years of the Obama’s presidency, Jones elaborated: “It’s very interesting to see him now, actually, free.

Watching this man for four years, for everything he’s done to try to reach out to the other side, and frankly neglect his base, has just been called socialism, and just been called divisive, no matter what he does.

I was happy to see him unleashed and unchained and just be able to speak from his heart.

And what he said was, similar to what I’ve been saying, there is a “New Patriotism.”

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