DC Sex Workers Prepare for Huge Influx of Inauguration Partiers

When Steve Baker talks about the inauguration, he gets a little giddy. For the company he works at, Hire Party Strippers, which does exactly what its name suggests for clients in the Washington DC area, inauguration weekend means a big boost in business.

“Oh my God, it’s bananas,” says Baker, describing the interest he’s had so far. Hire Party Strippers does about double the business on inauguration weekend, during which he can boost rates about 25 percent. This means $650 to $700 for “two girl fantasy shows”; $350 for one girl; and $300 for one male stripper, though demand is never as high for men as women. “It’s going to be really, really busy,” Baker says. “We have a lot of people coming [to DC] from out of town, and they want to have adult entertainment in their rooms. It’s crazy.”

Strippers, escorts, dominatrices, and even sugar babies looking for sugar daddies are planning for a jam-packed — and potentially quite lucrative — weekend across the greater DC area. Despite the inauguration party scene shaping up to be much quieter this year than Barack Obama’s first in 2009, it doesn’t sound like anyone is planning to cut back on erotic recreation — from the tourists looking to party in DC that weekend, to the locals craving sex-themed merriment while their city is overwhelmed by outsiders.

Baker doesn’t have a lot of clients on the books yet, but knows he will once the Friday before the inauguration rolls around. “People call me last minute saying, ‘hey hey hey, can you send some girls out?'” Hire Party Stripper will ensure entertainers are on-call in anticipation of this “high volume” weekend.

One escort I talked with via email lamented that she wouldn’t be in DC around the inauguration, but expected most of the business for escorts to come from areas surrounding the city. “My educated guess would be that it gets busy in the OTHER parts of town so clients don’t have to fight the crowds. Like for example, I always schedule work in NYC during the XMas tree lighting at the Rockefeller center, but I go to the SOUTH end of Manhattan because I know the locals or clients won’t want to be anywhere near the Rockefeller Center,” she explained. “If I were to be here inauguration weekend, I bet Arlington will be hopping — or Tysons.”

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